Our story began in 1992. Back then we were a roaster and retailer of nuts, seeds and spices with a single store. Today, we are privileged to connect with millions of customers every day with exceptional varieties of products…

MEG ZA IMPEX PTY LTD Food Stuff Trading has been established as an International Business in Agro-Commodities. Importing, Distributing and Exporting state-of-art Birds and Animal feeds, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Grains, Rice, Sugar, Sea Foods and Nuts. 

Marketing house to launch or deal in Finished Products like Spices, Pastes, Beverages etc in Middle East, GCC Countries, Europe and African Continent, with the experience as Market players and with the motive to be a Flag Bearer has partnered with the renowned Global Companies to cater for our Customers to build sustainable Relationships by providing Supreme quality products range with nutritional Values. 

MEG ZA IMPEX PTY LTD is a leading Global Commodities Trading Company advising buyers and suppliers in the business of International Agro Commodities Trading. We play a strategic role of international commodities broker, agent and intermediary in the raw and processed agricultural commodities trading value chain including origination, procurement, processing, branding, supply, storage, merchandising and distribution, thereby reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies transferring final benefit to end user.


Our trade covers a broad range of food products as diverse as Animal feeds, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Grains, Rice, Spices, Sea Foods and Nuts. From specialist products to everyday staples, we have established a centralized marketplace providing net importers with produce and enabling net exporters to expand their global reach.

We leverage on our network of global relations with agricultural commodities buyers and suppliers to execute all the commodities trades seamlessly with thorough understanding of the intricate interdependencies of the global markets and demand supply gaps. We carefully assess risk exposure on the ground, in local markets, where we can identify the real relationship between cause and effect. We have a wide range of time tested buyers and suppliers of agricultural commodities from across the world verified from perspective of their ethical and financial standing in the market.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we fulfill global resources needs in their raw or processed formats from supply abundant locations to high demand zones. It is a successful combination and outcome of market intelligence, resource identification, processing technologies, supply chain management, need identification, marketing methodologies, trading techniques and

financial management. We take pride in our ability to take on difficult, complex projects and deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently.


Our status as a private company and non-hierarchical partnership structure gives us a unique ability to be decisive, swift and innovative in our transactions. We instill a spirit of 100% ownership in our team by giving them 100% authority and decisive freedom within a broader framework of standard systems and processes which maintains fine balance between innovation and discipline. We provide highest emphasize on leadership development within the organization and each person is empowered with final authority and flexibility to deal with client requirement. We customize our approach, systems and processes not only from client to client but also from assignment to assignment keeping underlying principles common.


  • To effectively serve business associates and society and in the process create wealth and values for stakeholders.

  • Being a leading and reliable international trading company adding sustainable value to stakeholders.

  • To be globally-recognized trading company that leads by industrializing the agricultural sector and providing a harmonious and motivating workplace that will attract, develop, and keep the right people.


  • Together with the right supply chain partners, improving the understanding of the agro commodities supply chain and making it more effective and efficient


  • To provide world class quality, agricultural and livestock feed ingredients to our customers keeping inline commitments with regards to quality incumbency and transparent business approach.
  • To deliver value and trust to our stake holders both internal and external.
  • To grow into a sustainable agricultural and food products provider and partner, ensuring supply sufficiency, high quality products and affordability of logistical distribution.
  • To continue dedicated earnest efforts to enhance productivity and efficiency to attain charted spectrum of business horizons globally.
    • Provide integrated trade solutions to customers to ensure sustainable profits. Serve as an effective and accountable instrument of public policy and be socially responsible.

    • To work with vigor, dedication, and innovation to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer retention as the ultimate goal.


    • To earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, exceeding their expectations, and giving the Company an even more respected name.

    • To consistently achieve higher growth with the highest levels of productivity.

    • To be a technology-driven, efficient and financially sound organization.


    • To be a responsible corporate citizen by nurturing human values and concern for society, and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals.

    • To uphold the guiding principles of trust, integrity and transparency in all aspects of interactions and dealings.

    • To delight our consumers worldwide of products with superior quality and value

    • To inspire our people to work passionately and harmoniously

    • To equip our people to be globally competitive

    • To continually improve our business processes

    • To actively participate in the industrialization of the agricultural sector

    • To contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company’s business

    • To Protect the Green Environment Of the Earth for the Future Generation
    • By means of a large assortment with exclusive products, extensive services and perfect customer service, we do want to become the first choice for all the suppliers and trading companies of Agricultural commodities.